TV or Movies

We are the ambulance of choice for many production companies, television programs, and movie studios.

Whether you need our service on a stand-by basis for a live audience show taping, or if the production involves stunt work or scenes involve the potential to injure the talent or production staff, First Response will provide the appropriate medical coverage. Don't forget to provide medical coverage for your staff during pre and post production builds/breakdowns.

                                                TV or Movie Props

Ever watch a movie and see someone being taken off in an ambulance or an ambulance is in the background? The ambulance, personnel and equipment look so real because they are real. It is more cost effective to rent a real ambulance than it is to try to make another vehicle look like an ambulance.

Our ambulances are available for hire as props. We are even willing to change the graphics on the ambulance to make it fit in to the scene. If you need an ambulance as a prop, call us for a quote.